Great wine starts in the vineyard, but its journey from grape to bottle is in the hands and minds of these truly gifted individuals.

Carmelo Angulo

Master Winemaker - Marqués de la Concordia Family of Wines

Winemaking took Carmelo from his home in Rioja Alta to every wine region in Spain. Rueda, Ribera del Duero, Arribés del Duero, Catalunya, Castilla y León, Castilla-La Mancha… over 35 years of experience has made of him one of the most renowned winemakers in all of the country.

Career Path

Starting his career at Paternina where he worked for 14 years, Carmelo has been working for United Wineries for the past 24 years.


Carmelo was a forefather of using new oak barrels for short-ageing monovarietal Tempranillo wines, and the only one in the region to be authorised to experiment with the international grape varieties (Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot). During the last 10 years, Carmelo has achieved much recognition for his wines, receiving more than 160 medals in International competitions.

Alma Garcia

Chief Winemaker - Hacienda Zorita Natural Reserve

Alma Garcia is a young, extremely talented winemaker based at Hacienda Zorita Natural Reserve (Unamuno Vineyard), located in the very heart of the Parque Natural Arribés del Duero. She is originally from the town of Fermoselle, the wine capital of the Arribés region, right on the border with Portugal.

Career Path

Alma started her career at the Arribés del Duero co-operative in 2001, before becoming Chief Winemaker at Hacienda Zorita Natural Reserve.


Alma has been responsible for many of the medals won by Hacienda Zorita wines, including a prestigious Gold Medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2014 for Hacienda Zorita Natural Reserve Syrah 2011.

David Gutiérrez

Chief Winemaker - Vega Reina Vineyard

Born four decades ago into a family of wine growers and winemakers in the area Cigales (Valladolid), David is part of the third generation of winegrowers and winemakers from the Gutiérrez family. In his younger years, David loved visiting his grandparent’s vineyards and cellar. What started as a childhood game, gradually became a love for the world of wine.

Career Path

David started his winemaking career at El Coto in Rioja, before becoming Master Winemaker at Vega Reina Vineyard in 2005.


Winner of many prestigious international awards for his exceptional Verdejo’s, including Best White Wine of the World, Grand Gold, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2012.

Ignacio Gutiérrez

Chief Winemaker - Hacienda Zorita Abascal Vineyard

Ignacio is part of the third generation of winegrowers and winemakers from the Gutiérrez family. Just as with his father and grandfather, Ignacio’s entire life has been steered in one direction – the vineyard and wine.

Career Path

Ignacio worked at the Agricultural Technological Institute of Castilla and Leon in the department of viticulture, where he increased his knowledge regarding the different management techniques of viticulture. After spending three years in charge of the family winery in DO Cigales, Ignacio took the reins as Chief Winemaker for Hacienda Abascal in 2006.


Ignacio’s wines have received an array on international awards including the recent Gold Medal at Bacchus 2015 and Gold Medal at Mundis Vini 2014 for the inaugural vintage of Abascal Vineyard Reserva 2009.

José María Merino

Master Winemaker - Bodegas Berberana

A winemaker with Rioja in his veins and extensive winemaking experience, José was born in Fuenmayor, famed for its wine tradition and situated in Rioja Alta. He has been producing wines in Rioja throughout his entire life.

Career Path

Jose began his career assisting his father, who was the winemaker at Bodegas Lagunilla. When Jose received his oenology degree in 1975, he officially joined the winemaking team. 20 years later in the town where he was born, Jose took the position as Chief Winemaker for Berberana.


Over the last 10 years, Jose María has achieved much recognition for his wines, receiving more than 100 medals in International competitions.

Antonio Olive i Marti

Master Winemaker - Cavas Monistrol, Cavas Berberana, Cavas Marqués de la Concordia & Monistrol Still Wines

Known as the Maestro of Monistrol, this Catalonia-born winemaker is the man behind our unique cavas and powerful still wines made at the Monistrol d'Anoia cellars. Throughout his entire life Antonio has been involved with the cavas and still wines of Catalunya, where he was born and raised between vineyards in Sant Sadurni D'Anoia. Antonio joined Monistrol 20 years ago revolutionizing the winery with sophisticated winemaking techniques.

Career Path

Starting his career at the Laboratories for Wine Research in Viader, Antonio has now been working for United Wineries for 31 years.


Antonio's rose cavas were one of the first to be exported out of Spain. Many years later, the brut rose wines produced at Monistrol are still dominating the most discerning markets. Over the last 10 years, Antonio's cavas have received more than 140 medals in international competitions.