A Pioneer in Rioja since 1885.

Heritage. Founded in 1885 by Don Felipe Lagunilla who gained the title Commendador for his achievements in Rioja.

Traditional wines. Lagunilla is a traditional style Rioja of the finest quality.

Don Felipe Lagunilla San Martin founded this famous Rioja Bodega in 1885. The quality of the Lagunilla wines and many others owes much to his pioneering work in defeating Phylloxera which hit the region in the 1870's. It was he who recommended the use and introduction of American rootstocks to the Rioja vineyards.

At Lagunilla we continue to innovate, blending tradition and the experience of master winemakers with modern techniques and stringent quality controls to provide you with the finest wines.


Lagunilla Casa del Commendador

Lagunilla Carmelo AnguloLagunillaLagunillaLagunilla LagunillaLagunilla

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